JoinThe200 Campaign Gains Momentum

In October 2018, Debbie Lawrence,the Center Manager at Kidz Dreamz Klub crafted an idea to mobilize the community around children’s plight by creating a safe, fun, and learning after-school and summer platforms. “To do this, requires moving resources around which we just don’t have,” Debbie, lamented with a sense of purpose.

JoinThe200 is an initiative to mobilize 200 community members to donate $5 a month for Kidz Dreamz Klub. The funds are aimed at helping Kidz Dreamz Klub fulfill it’s mission in Davidson County and the surrounding areas.


On March 23rd, a third luncheon was held to mobilize the community to support. The meeting was successful with almost all attendees committing to JoinThe200 campaign and support the initiative.

Kidz Dreamz Klub continues to improve it’s offerings to the community by adding a birthday rentals for the facility on 40 E 1st Avenue. “:This was long overdue after putting off for several years now,” said Debbie.

Festival Program a success

Kidz Dreamz Klub held a festivity activities on December 20th at Charles England Elementary School to celebrate the children’s hard work, perseverance, dedication to school work, and talent. During the event, the children were able to mesmerize the audience of about 80 parents and families with carol songs, dances, and singing.

The dancing Divas making a presentation

The dancing Divas making a presentation

Mr. Bryant Smith, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors thanked the community and various stakeholders that have continued to rally behind one of the best child development initiatives in Lexington and Davidson County. He called on the community to increase their engagement as we continue to expand services and improve the quality of the program offerings.

Kidz Dreamz Klub is launching the #JoinThe200 campaign to mobilize the community to help purchase the 6,400 sq ft facility that houses the child development programs and activities.

Social Skills Training Workshop

Developing minds of children are curious, inquisitive, and adventurous. The children are always observing how mommy and daddy or grandparents are interacting with others and mimic those non-verbal gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice. At Kidz Dreamz Klub, we are constantly initiating opportunities for children to learn, interact, and observe role models for positive social and life skills development.

Group Photo

Group Photo

On November 3, 2018, 17 children attended a life and social skills building workshop held at Ararat Vineyards in Surry County, North Carolina. The children learned about Communication skills, Confidence building, Self-esteem, decision-making process, self-control, and critical thinking. Other topics learned during the workshop was taking care of the environment, values, how to make barbecue fire, and roasting marshmallows.


Some children found the venue characterized by the sound of a flowing creek and beautiful colors of fall season tree leaves therapeutic. Interacting outdoor games and role play followed with full participation from all the children in attendance. The workshop was a success.

The Cobras Team

The Cobras Team

The Tigers Team

The Tigers Team

Kidz Dreamz Klub to launch "JoinThe200" Campaign

Kidz Dreamz Klub, Inc. is launching the “JoinThe200” campaign in December, 2018 to raise funds in support of the mission and activities of the community led organization. The campaign is seeking community members that will $5 per month for the next 12 months with the goal of raising $12,000 by the end of 2019.

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Deborah Lawrence, the acting Center Manager said, “this campaign will ensure that we continue to offer quality and affordable after-school program to children from Davidson County and the surrounding areas.” Members of the community are encouraged to join the campaign and help build capacity for this great community initiative.

The donation are tax deductible and the donors will be given a chance to join the “Friends of Kidz Dreamz Klub” a group dedicated to the mobilization of resources for various programs and activities of the organization.

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Davidson Charter Academy to drop-off at KDK

Davidson Charter Academy has agreed to drop-off students for the Development After-School at Kidz Dreamz Klub during the 2018-2019 school year. The arrangement will give the community options for after-school care. 

Davidson Charter School.JPG


The Parents applauded the collaboration between the two institutions. This will serve an increasing number of parents that want to enroll their children into the Academy as well as keep them in the Kidz Dreamz Klub development After-School Porgram 

Enrollment for After-School Program opens!

Kidz Dreamz Klub Development After-School Program enrollment process for the 2018-2019 school year has commenced. The program will continue to focus on academic support and to help children struggling with school work. Director of Administration and Programs, Mr. Akashambatwa has reiterated the commitment of the program to continue serving targeting children from low-income families in Davidson County. 

Brock Phillips working on his homework

Brock Phillips working on his homework

DAS program is one of the affordable and quality After-School program in Davidson County. The emphasis on homework completion, help with special assignments, and social skills building activities set the program apart. "The methods used to help children has had a remarkable impact on the academic outcomes," Stated Mr. Akashambatwa. 

DAS Program serves all the Lexington City Schools and 5 County Schools. There have been requests to serve more schools in the Davidson County.