JoinThe200 Campaign Gains Momentum

In October 2018, Debbie Lawrence,the Center Manager at Kidz Dreamz Klub crafted an idea to mobilize the community around children’s plight by creating a safe, fun, and learning after-school and summer platforms. “To do this, requires moving resources around which we just don’t have,” Debbie, lamented with a sense of purpose.

JoinThe200 is an initiative to mobilize 200 community members to donate $5 a month for Kidz Dreamz Klub. The funds are aimed at helping Kidz Dreamz Klub fulfill it’s mission in Davidson County and the surrounding areas.


On March 23rd, a third luncheon was held to mobilize the community to support. The meeting was successful with almost all attendees committing to JoinThe200 campaign and support the initiative.

Kidz Dreamz Klub continues to improve it’s offerings to the community by adding a birthday rentals for the facility on 40 E 1st Avenue. “:This was long overdue after putting off for several years now,” said Debbie.